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With the most agent-friendly partnership agreements in the industry and solutions for growth, profitability, and perpetuation, you should partner with us.

In today’s world of insurance, there seems to be an incessant drive for formula driven, cookie cutter, look-a-like insurance agencies. You see them all the time on the cover of industry publications, as if a giant consultant factory turns them out one blue-blazer, folded-hands, conference-room, photo at a time. You would be hard pressed to imagine they started that way, however. At some point they had to have an edge, something that made them discernible, different from the competition. There had to be a point where they had a unique purpose and outlook that defined their behavior, a behavior that was different than every other option out there.

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We know that agents need more solutions, beyond access to markets, to grow and prosper into the future.

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Why We're Your Best Direct Appointment

We know you need to feed your direct carriers first. That makes sense. You have direct appointments and you don’t want to lose those. And we’re not here to displace your direct appointments. Instead, we’re here to complement them. So, with that, instead of thinking of us after you try your in-house carriers, think of us as one of your in-house carriers.

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"We know independent agents need more, beyond access to markets, to grow their agency. As we continue to expand our markets and provide access to training, technology, and strategy, it’s our goal for Indie Agents to be the most informed, most capable, most educated, most valued and most valuable in the industry. That’s the power of having Indium inside your agency."

– Chad Eddy, Indium CEO

Compete with Indium Inside Your Agency

  • Your Business Not Ours: Stay independent; Maintain ownership of your book with no hassles.
  • Peace of Mind: Grow your business while balancing your volume commitments with your direct appointments.
  • Market Access: Compete with access to more markets and more products.
  • Trusted Resource: Gain access to the most reputable, respected carriers in the industry.
  • Enhanced Revenue: Earn commission rates indie agents can respect.


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