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Everything we do is meant to challenge the established model of insurance, giving Indie Agents™ the edge they need to thrive, both now and in the future. We do that by providing access to the most relevant markets, tools, strategies, and operational resources with unparalleled service and technology. And, by weaponizing our data we arm our partners with the most relevant strategic insights, analytics, and benchmarks, making Indie Agents™ and the companies with whom we partner, winners.

With the most agent-friendly partnership agreement in the industry and the roadmap and resources to thrive, you should partner with us.

Our Brand Promise

The Indium promise is the sum of everything we do: It represents who we are. It conveys our mission to those we serve. Our brand promise is simply this: to provide Indie Agents™ an edge to stay independent.


Our Purpose (mission)

To give independent agents the roadmap and resources they need to thrive.


Our Aspiration (vision)

To help 1,000 agencies each grow an additional $1MM in revenue by way of Indium.


Our Culture

Our core and performance values are the cornerstones that shape our culture, our vision and ultimately our brand. With our trusting and genuine relationships at the forefront of what we do, our daily behaviors are grounded in our values:

  • Core Values: Trust, Respect, Honesty & Integrity
  • Performance Values: Teamwork, Accountability, Leadership, Transparency, Learning and Entrepreneurship


About the Indie Agent

Indie Agents are fiercely independent yet cooperative. They are tech-savvy, growth-focused, strategic, future-forward & hyper-learners and sell on value & relationships.

Indie Agents align with us culturally, and work with us as an extension of their agency. 

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What Differentiates Us From Other Networks

  • We offer the most agent-friendly partnership agreement in the industry (“no hooks or crooks”).
  • We leverage industry-best technology, and data and insights to drive collaboration, community, and growth (“independent, but not alone”).
  • We are an organization owned and directed by independent agents (“Of agents. By agents. For agents.”).


What Our Agency Partners Are Saying About Us 

At Indium, we leverage the power of Net Promoter Score to stay close to our agency partners and make sure we're delivering industry-best service and customer experience. Because we know we're only as good as our agency partners say we are.

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