Vimarsh Saxena

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Vimarsh Saxena, Business Data Analyst

Senior Data Analyst Phone: (614) 942-1468

Driver and influencer of data-driven decision making

Expertise I bring to Indium:  Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Education:  Master’s in Engineering Management, Northeastern University         

Favorite Book:  Siddhartha By Hermann Hesse

Favorite Band:  The Chainsmokers

My favorite Indium memory:  Working together as volunteers at Westerville Area Resource Ministry

Hometown:  New Delhi, India

Zodiac Sign:  Aries

Spirit Animal:  Turtle

Best advice I’ve ever received:  Life is all about the choices you make.

What’s next on my bucket list:  Trip to Switzerland.

How I spend my weekends:  Cooking, watching movies, hanging out with friends/family, playing with my little nephew.

A random fact:  I have done a road trip of 3000 miles.