Seth Holdsworth

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Agency Relationship Manager Phone: (614) 400-4951

I help Indium Agents reach their goals! 

  • Structured 
  • Efficient 
  • Thoughtful 
  • Helpful 

 Expertise I bring to Indium:  8+ Years in Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, Agency & Carrier Relations.  

Education: B.A. Business + Communications, Muskingum University  

Favorite Book:  A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer

Favorite Band:  Tough One! Metallica 

My favorite Indium memory: Hanging with the Team at Pins Mechanical Co.

Hometown:  Coshocton, OH 

Zodiac Sign:  Cancer 

Pets:  Duke the Dog and Sebastian the Cat 

Spirit Animal:   Liger (Combination of Lion and Tiger)  

Best advice I’ve ever received:  Be Kind. Have Mercy.

What’s next on my bucket list:  I want to go Skydiving! Any takers?  

How I spend my weekends:  Spending time with family and golfing every chance I get!  

A random fact Sebastian the Cat is a Maine Coon and weighs 30 Pounds!