Sara Thomas

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Sales and Field Marketing Specialist Phone: 614-372-7942

Don't drop the glass ball. Think of all the things you juggle in life. Family. Health.
Work. Daily commitments. Friendships. The list goes on.

Some on the list are more fragile than others.  Some are made of rubber - and can bounce back any time. Others are made of glass. Determine which is glass; which is your anchor - and protect it.

Taking care of your health, your family and your spirit is not a selfish act. It’s a sustaining one.

Expertise I bring to Indium:   Relationship management, sales, and organizational development.

Favorite Book:   The Places that Scare You

My favorite Indium memory:  The day I decided to join this team of great people. Meeting all the agents and working with them to help advance their agencies.

Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio

Zodiac Sign:  Aries

Pets:  Black Cat named Ali (because she was found homeless in an alley)

Best advice I’ve ever received:  You can always make more money. You can’t make more time or get back time. Use your time wisely and don’t waste it. Be respectful of other people’s time. Time is the one of the most precious commodities we have.

What’s next on my bucket list:  Organize a yoga group retreat to Costa Rica. Get to Spain and Jamaica.

How I spend my weekends:  Yoga, friends, dining out, exploring craft beer/wineries, going on nature walks.

A random fact:  I’m a certified yoga teacher and addicted to traveling. So far I’ve been to: Costa Rica, Spain (Barcelona), South Africa, and Italy.