Rose Murray

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Rose Murray, Accounting Specialist

Accounting Specialist Phone: (614) 942-1477

She'll take the check. 

Expertise I bring to Indium:  A background in entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting through schooling, and a combined 8 years of service in small to midsized companies.

Education:  Bachelor of Science: Finance Management, Franklin University, 2014

Favorite Book:  My Life in France – Alex Prud’homme & Julia Child

Theme Song:  Ring of Love – Doc Robinson

My favorite Indium memory:  Christmas shopping together

Hometown:  Columbus, Ohio

Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Pets:  None – a Japanese Marimo (Pet Moss Ball) and Bamboo

Spirit Animal:  Leopard  

What’s next on my bucket list:  Visit Japan

How I spend my weekends:  Zoo, spending time with family, traveling