Courtney Piehl

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Phone: (614) 942-1463

In her role, Courtney is responsible for handling all renewals, endorsements, and all other service related aspects of existing accounts.


For Courtney, insurance is in the family, and she loves now being a part of it too! Courtney graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a secondary major in environmental science. Before joining Indium, she worked as a teller and teller supervisor at Huntington Bank.

Both in and out of the office, Courtney has a knack for finding the most efficient way to do things, which helps her find time to do everything she loves: spending time with her one-year-old niece, running, cooking, reading, and listening to music. Plus, her bucket list includes traveling to all seven continents!

Where is your favorite place?
Paris is my favorite city.

What’s one of your quirks?
I always have cherry Carmex in my pocket.

What could you never give up?