Chad Eddy

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Chad Eddy, CEO & Fearless Leader

Chief Executive Officer Phone: (614) 942-1470

Helping people thrive 

Expertise I bring to Indium: Leadership 

Education:  BS in Accounting (Clemson University) and MBA (Capital University) 

Favorite Book:  Outwitting the Devil (Napoleon Hill)

Favorite Band:  U2 

My favorite Indium memory:  Our one-day power session with our marketing team, legal team, agency partners, equity owners and staff to create a new company name (Indium). We had one day to get it done and 45 days to roll it out. Not an easy task, and a great example of hyper-collaboration and high intensity ideation.  

Hometown:  Chicago, IL 

Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius 

Pets:  Gretzky and Bella (cats) 

Spirit Animal: Bee 

People with the Bee totem can accomplish the impossible over and over again. Moreover, they know how to enjoy the sweetness that life brings them and understand the proper use of energy. Folks with this spirit animal totem always have their intentions focused on a clear path and life goal. These people are also self-sufficient, focused hard workers, and work best when they are working with others. They are the living manifestation of benevolence and devoted contribution. Service is their focus, and they provide continuously. 

Best advice I’ve ever received: You’ll never fail at anything youre passionate about. 

What’s next on my bucket list: Learn guitar  

How I spend my weekends: All things with my family, reading and working out  

A random fact: My name “Chad” is from my middle name “Chadwell”, which is a name passed on to me from my uncle Chadwell O’ConnorHe was an inventor and steam engine train enthusiast.  

From his Wikipedia page

One day in 1952 while filming near Glendale California another steam enthusiast tapped him on the shoulder and asked to look through the view finder. The man seemed to know his way around cameras so O'Connor gave him a look. The man was so impressed that he asked if O'Connor could make more for him. O'Connor agreed but said it would take time as he built them in his garage. The man said, "But I need it right away. Oh, by the way, my name is Walt Disney.” Disney was then shooting one of his first nature studies, The Living Desert, and needed a way to shoot moving animals smoothly. The O'Connor head was so successful that Disney immediately ordered 10 more. This film won the first Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1953. O'Connor founded a part-time business in 1952 to make the heads and by 1969 it was so successful that he left the power company to work full-time on camera heads and steam engines at O'Connor Engineering. O'Connor and Disney maintained a lifelong friendship and business relationship. O'Connor designed the power systems for the steam launches and paddle wheelers at Disney World in Florida. 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented O'Connor with a Scientific and Engineering Award (Class II) in 1975 and an Award of Merit in 1992 for the concept and engineering of a fluid-damped camera-head for motion picture photography. In his lifetime, O'Connor received 29 US patents.