How is your agency acquiring, retaining, and growing talent?

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Indium has developed more than 50 courses to help you acquire, retain, and grow your insurance agency's talented employees.

Our goal is to empower insurance agency owners and their staff with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful and remain competitive. We offer cutting-edge courses to bring you the latest research in the field, best practices, expert-vetted content, and tools you can provide your team immediately.

"If you had the best talent in the world, what would you need to do to attract and retain them?* 

Our Training Solutions Leaders created strategic learning paths focused on sales and service for each key role in your agency, including agency principals, commercial lines, and personal lines.

Choose your learning path. 

Assign unique learning paths to individuals in your agency based on their skillsets and roles in the business. Popular topics and learning paths include... 

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation - Learn best practices for effectively building the top of your sales funnel  
  • Customer Loyalty & Retention - Tools for growing your agency through customer loyalty and retention  
  • Relationship Management - Establish, engage, build and maintain effective relationships in business
  • Sales Effectiveness - A series of courses to learn best practices for effective sales techniques
  • Branding through Social Media - Build both your personal and agency’s brand on social media
  • Leading and Motivating Others - A series of courses to learn best practices on how to staff, train, motivate and retain the best talent for your agency  

Choose your preferred training method to fit your busy schedule.

  • Custom Live Webinars
  • On-Demand Video Programs 
  • Individual and Group Coaching Sessions 
  • Custom Agency Staff Development Plans


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