Producer Development Academy

You've finally hired your new producer. Now what?

The single biggest challenge agency principals face today, with the pressures for growth not letting up, is finding and hiring good producers. The next biggest challenge is what to do with them once you've hired them.

Indium's unique producer development academy is designed to solve the "what now" issue. Our 52-week academy trains and coaches producers for long-term success. New producers need time, attention, and coaching in order to be successful. That's why our academy gets in the trenches with producers over 52-weeks, giving them: 

1. a D.I.S.C. behavioral assessment, to understand their natural tendencies, strengths and opportunities as a sales professional.

2. professional sales techniques enabling them to exceed their sales goals.

3. a customized sales plan for their unique market that establishes a pipelines to exceed their sales targets (contacts, appointments, quotes and sales). 

4. a customized marketing approach to identify, target, qualify and disqualify prospects to their market. 

5. techniques to maximize their most precious resource – time.


The power behind Indium’s Producer Development Academy is proven


No one wants to be taught or led by someone who hasn't done the job in years.

Our academy is led by Louie Watson, a former Executive Vice President of a $30M+ agency and current high performing producer, working in the trenches selling personal and commercial insurance every day.

Because of his extensive experience as a CSR, producer, sales leader and agency executive, he is passionate for coaching new producers in our industry to be rocks stars - for the long run.


2020 Producer Academy Dates

July 20-23, 2020

Columbus, Ohio 
(in person or virtual)

Embassy Suites by Hilton
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr. 43231

October 12-15, 2020

Columbus, Ohio 
(in person or virtual)

 Embassy Suites by Hilton 
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr. 43231


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