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The failure rate of new producers is up to 80%.¹

We don’t want our agencies to be just another statistic.

The single biggest challenge agency principals face today, along with the increasing pressures for growth, is finding and hiring good producers. 

The next biggest challenge is what to do with them once you've hired them.

Which is why we've developed unique producer selection and coaching programs designed to solve the "what now" issue for agency principals and their producers.


The Flexibility to Meet the Unique Needs of Our Agency Partners 

Producers need time, attention, and consistent coaching in order to be successful.

Leveraging years of sales experience as insurance producers, our coaches provide a personalized, flexible and dedicated approach to helping our agency partners get the right producers on board, create momentum, establish accountability and ultimately exceed revenue goals for your agency.  

Agency partners can choose when and where we can help based on their specific needs, or package it all together for the full producer development experience:

  • Producer Candidate Assessment and Selection - leveraging the proven methodology of a D.I.S.C. behavioral assessment coupled with our experience, our coaches interview, evaluate and recommend the right new producer before they are hired.
  • 4-Day Sales Boot Camp - leveraging the power of in-person, interactive and collaborative development, our boot camp teaches how to apply the D.I.S.C. assessment results for success, teaches and develops proven sales techniques, and develops and starts executing on an accountability plan with each producer.
  • One-on-One Coaching - leveraging the power of continuous and consistent coaching, our coaches provide weekly one-on-one, hands-on support to each producer in order to build and maintain momentum, accountability and long-term success. Whether a producer needs help prospecting an account, or reinforcement of sales techniques, or working with underwriters, our coaches roll up their sleeves to help producers win on a daily basis.
  • Producer Development Academy - package it all together to experience the full 52-weeks of producer development, from selection to sales rock star.


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Whether you need hands-on training, virtual training or a custom developed coaching program specific to your agency, we've got you covered.


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Sources: 1 Insurance Journal, June 2019, What It Takes for A New Insurance Agent to Succeed.