Net Promoter Score

AskNicely: Your agency’s new super tool.

With social media and online reviews, your clients are sharing their customer experiences (good and bad) with the world!

Do you know what your clients are saying about your agency? 

Indie AgentsTM are taking advantage of our partnership with AskNicely to leverage Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to facilitate retention growth and customer loyalty. AskNicely enables agents and their staff to get customer sentiment real time, detect and resolve negative client experiences, and continuously improve customer service to exceed client expectations.

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Save the day [and your reputation] with AskNicely. 

With AskNicely, your agency can:

  • Assess your agency's Net Promoter Score (NPS) in real time.
  • Avoid agency of record (AOR) letters. 
  • Respond immediately & directly to customers after a moment of truth (new business, renewal, claims experience, or premium increase). 
  • Ask for referrals and Google reviews from satisfied clients. 
  • Measure client, staff, or carrier satisfaction.



How Indie Agents are benefiting from AskNicely:

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