Our Journey of Going Virtual

How We Work Virtually & You Can, Too!

What’s new in your agency in the past 10 days?  A new normal with words like COVID-19, pandemic, and a concept called “social distancing.” But we all still have work to do, policyholders to service, and coverages to write.

So how do we provide the same experience to our customers and support our fellow teammates while not being across the desk?  

We want to offer support by sharing Indium’s experience of going virtual. Our journey started back in December of 2018, and we’ve been working out of homes, coffee houses, and co-working spaces ever since!

Learn from our brief video and we will help get your agency team ready to work virtually.

If you would want to connect with us and talk more about working virtual, just email us so we can schedule time with you. 

Indium’s top tips for going virtual: 

  • Create a dedicated semi-quiet space
  • Set boundaries and be patient with your family, it’s new to them to and we are all learning together. The occasional dog barking, baby crying or teenager noise is fine.
  • Set your work hours, just like you are in the office - It’s easy to work when work is always right around the corner!
  • Take your regular breaks and eat lunch. It will catch up to you if you don’t.
  • Over-communicate - Stay in contact with your team and customers with email, phone calls, and video chats
  • Embrace and learn the new tools for working virtually and collaborating - team chats, video, and phone calls, screen sharing of documents and real-time document collaboration.

Virtual Resources

We provided a guide to the most popular collaboration tools available today. As you saw in the video, we utilize Microsoft Teams and Zoom Video and Web Conferencing.  


What is Zoom?

Sign Up for the FREE and paid version of Zoom  

Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?          

How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?            

Microsoft Team’s free plan        


What is Slack?  

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Google Hangouts or Hangouts Meet

What’s Hangouts or Hangouts Meet?     

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Helping businesses and schools stay connected in response to Coronavirus             


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