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Cyber Risk Protection and Coverage for Your Agency

Through our partnership with a leading cyber protection and cyber coverage provider, Indium provides our agency partners with access to the best cyber risk coverage and proactive cybersecurity monitoring for their agencies. 

With so many agency employees working from home, cyber attacks have increased, and protecting your digital business assets is more important than ever.

Our cyber partner provides comprehensive insurance coverage, free cybersecurity tools to monitor and protect your business, and 24/7 expert incident response to help you quickly respond to a cyber incident.


Cyber Risk Assessment – free with quote

Your quote will include a custom Cyber Risk Assessment for your agency’s current technology and cyber assets.


Free subscription to Monit, a cybersecurity monitoring software

Our partner is the only carrier who actively monitors their insureds’ digital assets in real-time, catching hackers early in the act to keep your business protected. Every policy comes with a free subscription to the cybersecurity monitoring software, Monit.


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