Pop Quiz: How Indie Are You?

Rate the following statements regarding how accurately they reflect you and your agency

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I believe that I don’t have to sell out in order to stand out.

I believe that learning from my peers, and sharing with my peers, makes me more effective.

I’ve put my heart and soul into building relationships with my clients—so it’s important to me that my agency continues to grow and prosper long after I retire.

I am constantly exploring the latest technologies to make it easier for me to do business.

I built my agency on a core set of values that hold true today, and determine who I hire and who I do business with.

The future and growth of my agency are always top of mind.

I am tired of feeling pressure from carriers about premium goals and contract minimums.

My agency is well-known in my community.

I value the shared economy. The more information I share, the more value I gain.

I believe that the independent insurance channel is the best means for distribution in the industry.

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