Kicking-off this Holiday season by giving back

As Charles Dickens once wrote, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”

Every Holiday season, our team at Indium takes time out to give our support to a less fortunate family in central Ohio. With the many blessing bestowed up on us, this is a time for us to give back and to do what we can to provide some smalls blessings to a family in need.

This year we carried on our annual tradition of working with the Salvation Army of Central Ohio to “adopt” a family in need and to help make their holiday wishes come true. Their “adopt-a-family” program is a great opportunity to provide support for a family in-need, and this year we had the opportunity to support a single mother and her two young children. We of course don’t (and won’t) get to meet the family, but by way of their “Christmas list”, we do get to know them in spirit.

With three family members to shop for, we divided into three teams (one per family member). And with their respective “Christmas lists” in-hand, we donned our Santa hats and stormed the local Target to get to work. It wan’t long before word had spread among the Target staff that there was a small army of “Santas” roaming the aisles, loading up their shopping carts, and having a great time.

It’s a proud moment when the Target staff stop us to ask what we’re up to and who we are with. Not because we are looking for any kind of PR for Indium, but instead because we as a team have the good fortune of helping a small family this Holiday season. And with that, we all share in the spirit of the season together (regardless of faith or religion), which in turn brings us closer together as a team.

From our team to yours, and from our family to yours, we wish you all the best this Holiday season and in the new year!