Indium Named to Insurance Business America’s Hot 100

2016 was, without a doubt, one for the books. Amid major world events such as the Rio Olympics, the US presidential election and the Cubs winning the World Series, industries far and wide have been rocked to the core – and insurance was no exception.

That’s why Insurance Business America wanted to celebrate 100 movers and shakers who have heated things up the insurance world this past year. For its fourth annual Hot 100 list, they asked the insurance community to nominate major power players who are shaping the future of the industry.

Although the list doesn’t include every professional who is making a difference, they’ve narrowed it down to 100 individuals who they believe deserve mention for their accomplishments in 2016, as well as a few up-and-comers you should keep an eye on in the year ahead.

Chad Eddy, CEO 

Under Chad Eddy’s leadership, the team at Indium is challenging the established model of insurance and redefining how independent insurance agents get the edge they need to  stay independent. When Eddy took over the reins at Indium two years ago, he took the company back to its roots and modernized its noble purpose with a cutting-edge new brand  promise for its agency partners: “Get an Edge. Stay Indie.” Eddy and his team recognize that independent agents must adopt new behaviors in order to stay relevant and win in  the industry. As a result, they are focused on delivering innovative solutions for their agency partners, including relevant technologies and training, as well as strategic  partnerships designed to make independent agents the most informed, most educated, most capable, most valued and most valuable in the industry.

“Recognition like this is certainly not through my own doing,” Eddy said. “This is a company accolade that is a result of lots of collaboration and greater minds than me. It’s great to see our company name alongside all of the very well-known and respected industry leaders. I’m very proud of where our company is going, our brand and our vision. So kudos to everyone here and the work and sacrifices we are making to advance our position in the industry. It is no small task to reinvent a company after 10 years, and manage all the change that goes with it.”

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