Coming in the Spring of 2016…

As a valued Indium partner agent, you’re already aware of our commitment to challenge the established model of the insurance industry.

Due to that commitment, Indium has had a lot of innovative projects running in the background this past year, all for the purpose of providing you, our partner agents, with solutions for growth, profitability and perpetuation in order to give you that competitive edge you’re looking for.

We’re extremely excited to announce that one of our technological and innovative projects will be ready to come your way in the spring of 2016, changing the way you submit new business to Indium!

To bring this technology to you, we’ve partnered with an insurance automation company that has one single, simple goal: to make it easier for agents, market access providers and carriers to do business together.

How have they accomplished this goal?

By changing the game through introducing new technology that allows us to automate our new business submission process end-to-end, so we can process more business, faster.

We’re currently in the process of testing this new technology, working with a select group of our partner agents so that we have direct feedback from our Indie Agent partners as to what works well and what doesn’t work so well.

As we continue through the test process, we’d like to disclose that this new technology will not support handwritten applications. While our team will still be able to process your handwritten applications, in future it will require more manual work and will not be handled within our typical service level standards. We’re working now to provide options (i.e. fillable ACORD forms) for those agencies that do not have a management system.

We want to assure you that we’ll be providing numerous opportunities for training and support for you and your agency as the launch of this technology draws closer.

And as always, our responsive, proactive and attentive Indium team is happy to help you.

Stay tuned for more information!

Get an Edge. Stay Indie.