Through our strategic partnerships with industry leading resources for agents, our premier partners can grow and protect their most valued asset – their agency.

Sequent – Human Resource Management

Indium has partnered with Sequent, an outsourcing and consulting company with expertise in human capital management, employee benefits, technology solutions and risk management, to ensure our agency partners have the tools and resources to drive your business forward. Sequent helps businesses improve performance through people, process and technology.

Human resources is an essential, but tedious, function of any successful business. Sequent is a full stack human resources company that affords its clients more time and freedom to focus on growing their business. By choosing to partner with Sequent, you can focus on your core business, streamline internal efficiencies and excel in customer satisfaction, sales and production – all of the areas that drive your agency forward.

Sequent’s suite of services allow you to:

  • Compete for and retain top talent
  • Mitigate your employer compliance and liabilities
  • Offer affordable employee benefits
  • Increase agency revenue