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Each time your clients grant credit to their customers, their company is exposed to the risk of non-payment. There is a greater chance that a business will experience a loss within its accounts receivable than any other asset.

Our partnership with Euler Hermes adds an important tool to our product line that can help you grow your sales while mitigating risk.

Trade credit insurance, also called accounts receivable insurance or trade credit risk insurance, is a financial tool that manages both commercial and political risks that are beyond a company’s control. It is protection against your clients’ customers failure to pay their trade debts – which can happen when their customer becomes insolvent or fails to pay within the agreed upon time frame.

Investing in an Euler Hermes trade insurance policy enables your clients to:

  • Protect and grow what is often the company’s largest asset – accounts receivable.
  • Confidentially increases sales by extending more credit to customers globally.
  • Safely sell to customers in 200+ countries and get paid even when customers don’t pay their debt.
  • Compete more effectively by offering favorable payment terms without increasing credit risk.
  • Borrow more working capital, often at better rates, with an insured A/R portfolio.
  • Mitigate high customer concentration risk.
  • Significantly reduce bad debt reserve.

Euler Hermes acts as a virtual extension of your clients’ companies, providing the insight and resources they need to manage, maximize and protect their receivables.

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