Our team of certified virtual trainers deliver the most relevant content in an interactive, virtual classroom environment for our agency partners.

Indium Essentials

We provide both our Market Access Partners and our Premier Partners with access to the essential training they need to build a successful partnership with Indium and become the most informed, most capable, most educated, most valued and most valuable independent agents in the industry.

Interactive Appulate Workshops

In this training webinar, our Brand Ambassadors walk our agents through live hands-on demos of Appulate, our industry leading new business submission platform. Our agents learn how to use Appulate effectively, and experience faster quoting turn-around time on their commercial lines business submissions.

Get an Edge with Commercial Lines

Indium is dedicated to giving Indie Agents the edge they need to stay independent. In this webinar, our Brand Ambassadors teach our agents about our many commercial lines companies, their market appetites, and how to successfully submit new business to our commercial lines team.

Get an Edge with Personal Lines

Our personal lines webinar is designed to provide our agents with an overview of our personal lines companies, their market appetites and how to successfully submit business for processing by our personal lines team. Led by our Brand Ambassadors, this brief 30-minute webinar is a must for our agency partners looking to obtain personal lines sub-codes.

Carrier Partner Webinars

Our carrier partner webinars are designed to provide our agents with in-depth knowledge of carrier specific products, appetites, guidelines and how to successfully write more business with them.

Indie Agent Studio

Our “Indie Agent Studio” is where our Premier Partners go to access the most relevant training and tools to develop the skills and behaviors they need to stay indie. Our Brand Ambassadors offer cutting-edge courses to deliver the latest learning in the field, delivering best practices, expert-vetted content and tools you can immediately use on the job.


Prospecting & Lead Generation

A series of courses to learn best practices for effectively building the top of your sales funnel.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

A series of courses to learn best practices for growing you agency through customer loyalty and retention.

Relationship Management

A series of courses to learn best practices for establishing, building and maintaining effective relationships is business.

Sales Effectiveness

A series of courses to learn best practices for effective sales techniques.

Branding Through Social Media

A series of courses to learn best practices for how to build both your personal and agency brand on social media.

Leading and Motivating Others

A series of courses to learn best practices on how to staff, train, motivate and retain the best talent for your agency.

Customized 1-on-1 Training and Consulting

Personalized training for agency staff, 1:1 with our Brand Ambassadors.