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Now Offering Markel's Top-Rated Agency E&O Program

Through our partnership with program administrator CalSurance, Indium agency partners now have access to Errors & Omissions insurance for their agency. 

Program Highlights

  • Individual limits per agency, up to $5M/$5M
  • Tiered pricing based on revenue and selected limits
  • Markel Insurance Company (admitted carrier) rated "A (Excellent)" by AM Best
  • First dollar defense (deductible only applies to indemnity) and defense outside with limit (capped at $1M)
  • Coverage for P&C and Life activities, plus enhancements for Cyber Management Liability, Subpoena Expense Coverage, etc.
  • Significant cost savings to agency partners
  • Policy effective date of July 1, 2020


Automatic Enrollment Eligibility

  • Instant enrollment questionnaire (7-8 questions)
  • Agencies with annual revenue above $1,500,000, or with more than 1 prior E&O claim or any 1 claim over $25,000 incurred in the last 5 years, will be individually underwritten.
  • The agent/agency cannot have been the subject of a reprimand, a regulatory or disciplinary action or criminal action by any federal, state or local authority, or by any self-governing, regulatory body or bodies, as a result of their professional services in the last 5 years.
  • Agencies with high percentages of certain business lines may be subject to individual underwriting. 


Retroactive Date

  • The earlier of the date of first continuous claims-made E&O coverage or the retroactive date on the policy immediately preceding this policy.
  • Prior Knowledge and Pending and Prior Litigation Exclusion date as of 7/1/2020 or time of enrollment.


Payment Options

  1. Payment in full online by ACH or debit card
  2. 4-pay with installment due dates on the date of enrollment (9/1/20, 11/1/20, and 1/1/21) 


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Main Contact

Dean L. Milber JD/MA
Director | CalSurance & Lancer Claims
Phone: 714.939.7380