Why “Indium”

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Same Great Company. Same Great People. New Name.

Aside from the legal necessity to change our name, there is a reason why we chose “Indium” as the new name for our company moving forward.

In our quest to identify a new and relevant name, we discovered that Indium is the 49th element on the periodic chart. And as we learned more about this element, its qualities, characteristics and how it interacts with other metals, we learned that “Indium” is very reflective of our company’s mission, purpose and what differentiates us in the marketplace. In both chemistry and insurance, here’s how:

Indium is considered to be a rare metallic element known as a “post-transition metal”. Its strengths lie in its ability to form covalent bonds between its neighboring metals, known as “transition metals and metalloids”. “Covalent” – relating to “bonds formed by sharing” – describes how Indium’s malleable and ductile qualities are used to help transition metals and metalloids to achieve strength and stability through the process of sharing.

A Rare Element

As high-lighted in my January blog post (“Why Market Access Provider”), we too are rare in our industry in that we’ve differentiated ourselves from the other models by focusing on value innovation for our partners. Add to that, we’re a company founded by indie agents, for indie agents. This component of our DNA keeps us true to our founding principle of the “win-win-win” outcome, where its’ imperative that we and our agency partners and our company partners have to win in all cases.

Simply put: We do it with you. They do it to you.

Covalent Bonds

Covalent bonds achieve strength and stability through sharing. And just as Indium is combined with other metals to achieve strength and stability through sharing, we facilitate a collective strength in our ability and willingness to embrace the “shared economy”, where sharing information, resources, knowledge and strategy makes us stronger, together. And given the fact that we have the most agent-friendly agreement in the marketplace, we are best positioned to facilitate these natural bonds (partnerships).

Go Indie with Us

Being indie is about leading, not following. It’s about fiercely independent people (“what’s an indie agent”) who believe that their vision of insurance is what best serves the communities and cities they occupy.

Being indie is also about partnership, not membership. It’s about embracing a “do-it-yourself partnership”, where sharing our collective resources make us all stronger, more productive, more informed, more valued and more valuable than we would be if we were to go it alone.

Therefore, Indium for us represents the state of being indie. To put it in the terms of a metallurgist, Indium is our alchemy. And like alchemy, achieving the state of being indie requires the natural combination of our collective resources, genuine cooperation and partnership.