What’s in a brand – Part II

In my last post, I shared that building our brand started with identifying who we are culturally. This entailed identifying our four core and six performance values that influence our daily behaviors, as well as help us identify those who we align with culturally. With that, it’s important to remember that our values are not a “catch phrase” or a “flavor of the month”, they are at the core of who we are and what we believe in. And we believe that consistently living our values is critical to our success.

The next step in the process of building our brand was to integrate our values with our purpose. This perhaps was the most lengthy and challenging step, in that it required us to think critically and honestly about why we exist, what we envision Indium to be, and what we believe in. These are very philosophical topics that required open and honest debate, intense dialogue and, in some cases, dissension in order to arrive at what we call our “truths”.

Our Mission

Like with NASA in the 60’s, we wanted a mission statement that everyone (internally and externally) could understand, believe and easily remember. For NASA, it was simply, “To put a man on the moon.” For Indium, it is simply:

To help our partner agents and companies grow profitably.

Our Vision

In crafting our vision statement we wanted to be sure that we accounted for our three primary stakeholders: our agents, our company partners and our staff. This is because we know that in order for us to succeed in the future, it will take strong teamwork and partnership among all three of us. Therefore, our vision statement is:

To be recognized as the insurance partner of choice for indie agentsSM and companies, along with being a great place to work for our associates.

Our Noble Purpose

One very important element of our new brand is the recognition of our roots and our founding principle. As much as we are introducing a “new” brand for Indium, the essence of our brand isn’t really new at all. The essence of our brand is really a re-introduction of what Indium has stood for since it’s inception, our noble purpose:

Helping the independent agent stay independent

What we believe

With our values, and our mission and vision in place, we next needed to establish our “why”. For those of you familiar with Simon Sinek and the “golden circle”, establishing our “why” helps us communicate to our audience what we believe in. It is the foundation from which we will make our decisions and from which those who we work with and do business with will make an emotional connection with us. As Simon Sinek explains, people are more likely do business with those who understand and share what they believe. Most of us as consumers logically understand all of the features and benefits of the products we buy. But we are most likely to buy products from companies who we align with culturally and share their belief in “why” they produce and offer the products they do.

With that in mind, here is what we believe at Indium:

Everything Indium does is meant to challenge the established model of insurance giving Indie AgentsSM an edge now, and in the future. We do that by providing market access like no other provider through the use of unparalleled service and technology, making Indie Agents and the companies we partner with, winners. With solutions for growth, profitability, and perpetuation, you should partner with us.

Our statement of what we believe is now also what we call our “brand positioning statement”. This helps us communicate with our target market (agents and companies) from a marketing and advertising perspective.

In my next post, I’ll bring all of this together into what we call our “brand essence”. Our brand essence boils all of this down into two basic elements:

  • The attributes of the products and services we provide our agents
  • The benefits our agents receive as a result of our partnership

Get an edge. Stay Indie.SM