What’s in a brand – Part I

With the launch of our new Indium brand, I’m often asked about what goes into developing a brand. The common perception being that building a brand is simply creating a new logo, a new website and throwing on a new coat of paint in the office. In a series of posts over the next few months, I will be sharing more about our journey of identifying, building and launching our new Indium brand.

I’m not a brand management expert, nor a marketing expert for that matter, but for Indium, building our brand had to be more than just a new logo and fresh coat of paint. As consumers, we know what companies we love to do business with, we know why we love to do business with them, and we are happy to go out of our way to tell all of our friends and family about them. With that in mind, we started down the path of building our brand at Indium.

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.

I read that quote in an article about brand management on Inc.com. It resonated with me and our team, and helped clarify what our starting point needed to be as we embarked on our journey to establishing our new brand. With that, we started with our culture and our values. Our values are at the core of our culture and who we are. They influence how we behave, how we treat each other, and how treat those who we partner with and serve. As we say internally, living our values is non-negotiable because we know to the extent we don’t, the “cost” is too high. I put “cost” in quotes because I am not referring to hard-dollar costs, I’m referring to the cost in emotional currency. Because as we now know, building a brand is all about making an emotional connection, an emotional connection between our company and our employees, our company partners, and our customers (our agents).

For Indium, we have four core values and six performance values. These values drive our day-to-day behavior, and are an integral part of our performance management process as we evaluate our performance each year.

Our Values

With people and our genuine relationships at the forefront of what we do, our daily behaviors are grounded in our four core values:

  • Trust, Respect, Honesty & Integrity

How we work and the way in which we achieve our results are grounded in our six performance values:

  • Teamwork, Accountability, Leadership, Transparency, Learning and Entrepreneurship

While we strive to deliver perfection in every interaction with our agents and company partners, our brand is not about being perfect. It is, however, about consistently living our values in every circumstance and with every individual, both inside and outside the company.

In my next blog post in this series of “What’s in a brand?”, I’ll talk about our mission and vision and how they tie together our values with what we believe in (our “Why”).