Tips for Submitting Commercial Lines Business

Name: Melissa McCormick
Title: Senior Account Manager, Commercial Lines
Years at Indium: 2
Years in Industry: 17 years of Property and Casualty experience

What do you enjoy most about working in commercial lines? 

Every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. There are so many classes of business with so many different risks, and it’s interesting and challenging to find new coverages to protect organizations and their people.

Now, there are new threats to businesses, like data breaches and other cyber risks. I’m fascinated with all of the different ways organizations’ security can be breached, and the speed at which these threats are evolving. Such threats are detrimental to small and mid-size businesses, not just the larger corporations we hear about. At Indium, we partner with our carriers to find the best product for each client to help them mitigate these cyber risks.

What’s new and exciting at Indium?

Since I joined Indium, we have made a lot of constructive changes to improve our processes, our response times and our communication with our agency partners. In addition, we’ve recently introduced Appulate, a new business submission platform. Our focus is on improving our agency partners’ experience, and I think we are making positive strides every day.

Appulate is Indium’s new business submission technology. From your perspective, what are the benefits for an agent to submit business with Appulate vs. through an ACORD form?  

Most beneficial to agents is how using Appulate allows Indium to process small business applications faster, which helps us ensure our agency partners receive quotes faster. Appulate submissions can be processed more quickly and efficiently due to the information requirements Indium put in place. This ensures all of the data Indium needs to obtain a quote is included before the applications can even be submitted; the software will not allow submissions that are incomplete. This reduces the amount of time agents and Indium account managers spend trying to collect the information through emails and phone calls. Our agency partners can also follow the status of a submission from creation to quote right within Appulate.

If you could give our agency partners one tip for successful submission of Commercial Lines applications, what would it be? 

My number one tip is to use Appulate to submit your Commercial Lines business. Appulate ensures we have complete information and gives our account managers a better overall picture of each specific risk, allowing us to provide quotes to our agency partners faster. Loss runs, notes and any changes to the application are all stored in Appulate instead of using an email system, preventing back and forth emails which can slow down our turn-around time.

If you already have an agency management system, it is so easy to print to Appulate.

If you don’t have an agency management system, Appulate can be used like one. Agents can enter their new business application information into Appulate, and from there, print Acord forms for their files or print Acord forms to send to other carriers. The information entered stays in the system and can be used for renewals as well.

Tell us what types of business you write for our agency partners.  

We write a lot of technology packages, professional business, management lines, restaurants, contractors, pet trainers and groomers, offices, LROs and body shops.

Tell us what our most successful agency partners do that differentiates them.

Our most successful agency partners submit new business applications that include complete and accurate information, including loss runs. They also give us ample time to work on their risks and turn around their quotes. We can tell when an agent is serious about receiving a quote because they are responsive to underwriting questions and communicate the necessary information that helps us write the business. Successful agents also often callemail or view our website prior to submitting business so they know our carrier appetites.