Marketing for Insurance Agencies: Here’s Why You Need it

Marketing for insurance agencies might not be the same strategy that you used to know, and your approach might not be as impactful as it was years ago.

Independent insurance agencies are managing a lot amidst all of the carriers they work with and the information that comes from each one. Your agency management system (AMS) is your hub where all the data related to your book of business lives, but even this software has its limitations. While you’re working hard to achieve your goals and continue on a winning path, what is your agency doing to be more efficient with your sales and marketing strategies?

Back in the day, the best way to put your agency’s name in front of people was to fill up an entire ad in the yellow pages. Today, spending thousands on full-page ads is unheard of, because no one is paying attention anymore. Everything has gone digital, and if you want your agency to stay relevant, it’s time to take your marketing strategies this way too.

In the modern age, to own your backyard, you have to have a digital presence. The best way to reach people outside of your radius is through the internet, but if you aren’t actively doing anything with your website, this is a space you probably don’t own. From marketing to showing people that your business still exists, a digital presence is crucial to ensure your agency continues to see success.

Is your agency ready to step into 2018? Here are a few ways you can use updated marketing for insurance agencies to start making an impact.

Make Sure Your Agency Stays Relevant To Your Customers by Taking Advantage of Updated Marketing for Insurance Agencies

marketing for insurance agencies

No matter what your opinions are on it, your business needs to be on social media. Use these platforms to bring customers to you! Join the conversation and start pushing people directly to your website. If anything, consider this: most people today research businesses online before they make a purchase. If a customer is looking for you, but your presence is outdated, or worse non-existent, customers will immediately write you off for several reasons. They might not think you’re an expert in your space, they might want to work with an agent who is “with the times”, or they might even assume that your business doesn’t exist anymore.

Your perfect customers aren’t just going to land on your site without a little work. Posting on social media can help increase your engagement and improve the way you show up on Google. Here’s a good way to get started: find someone on your team who’s already tech-savvy and give them the role of managing your social media. Then give them these best practices to get your accounts running on the right path.

  • Post consistently – At first, it’s going to feel like you’re shouting into the ether, but if you set up a schedule to post continuously, engage with people, and use hashtags you’ll start to see engagement
  • Share relevant content – Within your posting schedule, plan out how you’re going to share content that your audience will find interesting, this means sharing posts from other accounts, not just your own, which may be impactful in the industry
  • Create helpful content – In order to have a variety of good posts for your accounts, you may have to start creating content. Think about the questions you’ve heard from your customers and write content around the answers. Reinforce your authority to your audience, and help them have more confidence to come to your team for insurance

The leads that you see from this strategy will also need to be nurtured to help continue to lead them towards becoming a customer with your agency. Your paychecks are coming through your commission, so paying attention to your leads is crucial

When you’re working with a lot of insurance carriers information is buried quickly, and contacts can get lost. Automation minimizes the effort that goes into managing all your carriers, and the best way to use it through email. Instead of spending hours pounding the phones, use emails to reach out to prospects and follow up with your hot leads. 

An automated email might not seem as personal as a phone call, but remember that you can customize these to say whatever you want. If you have a script that you give to your agents for sales calls, just turn that into your email content, and it will have the same effect. 

Email automation will save your agency a ton of time because you can set up the system to automatically fire as soon as a lead reaches a particular status within your AMS. You can use this to match up with customers X-dates or send an initial informational email to new leads. These can also be customized to send an email to your team saying that a lead has reached a certain point, and now is an excellent time to reach out with a call. 

marketing for insurance agencies

If you want to upgrade how you’re tackling sales and marketing for your insurance agency, you’ll also want to keep your website in check. Your site is how people are going to find out if you offer the policies they’re looking for before they make an appointment, so you need to make sure it’s running on all cylinders. One thing that’s important for insurance agencies to be aware of is how Google is changing the way people find results on the internet.

It’s only a matter of time before Google makes it mandatory for all sites to have an Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). An SSL is a basic security license or, for reference, the lock that you see in the search bar when you’re browsing a website. A few years ago, you may have only seen these on pages where you were going to enter information, but now entire sites are installing these. Why does it matter if Google says you need it? If and when they do make it mandatory, sites without an SSL will be pushed down in search results, and websites with SSLs will be promoted above them.

Google is always trying to make their users experience better, and ensuring that they’re funneling people to secure sites is just another definite promise they can offer. The good news for you is that they’re easy to get and not very expensive. You can learn more about how to install one on your site here.

With these small steps, you can create significant ROI for your agency. The most important thing to note is to avoid doing the bare minimum. Implementing new marketing and sales strategies can be difficult, but you have to recognize that you’ll fail at first, but you’ll learn, and then you’ll get better. By streamlining your sales and marketing strategies and continuing to follow the newest best practices, your agency will be able to start handling customers new and old more effectively.