Boost Your Independent Agency Customer Engagement with Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 96% of small business owners and marketers use social media marketing to connect with customers?

Social media is a powerful relationship-marketing tool. It provides an avenue for independent insurance agents to listen to their customers and address their needs. Indie AgentsTM use it to build rapport, strengthen relationships, and humanize themselves in a way that can shift customer perception from agent to friend.

There are many ways to engage with customers through social media. Examples include:

  • Send “congratulations” or “Like” a post on Facebook
  • Share agency community involvement
  • Guide clients through disasters in real-time
  • Send regular communications about what is happening in the insurance industry

View our latest infographic, Insurance Marketing in the Digital Age, to learn how your agency can connect with customers via social media.

Indium is dedicated to guiding agents through industry changes and providing them with tips on how to utilize technology and build stronger relationships with customers—one Indie AgentTM at a time.