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  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Can Help Your Agency Increase Customer Retention

    Independent insurance agencies are passionate about helping people with some of their biggest needs at the most critical points in their lives. Because of this, it’s extremely important that we truly listen to understand if we’re serving them well.
  • How American Modern and AMSuite Can Help Your Agency Write Unique Coverages

    In the October edition of our carrier blog, American Modern Senior Territory Sales Manager, Rick Reynolds, provides information on the launch of American Modern's new software solution (AMSuite) and provides examples of both signature products and unique coverages that American Modern can help its clients write.
  • Boost Your Independent Agency Customer Engagement with Social Media Marketing

    Social media is a powerful relationship-marketing tool. It provides an avenue for independent insurance agents to listen to their customers and address their needs. Indie Agents use it to build rapport, strengthen relationships, and humanize themselves in a way that can shift customer perception from agent to friend.
  • The Keys to Success with Customer Loyalty

    Customers talk to their friends and family every day about their favorite restaurant, what they love about their insurance agency or why they’ve had a bad experience at their doctor visit. What are they saying about you? More than ever, we need to LISTEN to what they are saying about our companies, our service levels, and our brand, and we need to CARE.
  • Tips for Submitting Commercial Lines Business

    In the July edition of our blog, Senior Account Manager Melissa McCormick, describes the benefits of using our new business submission technology (Appulate), details the habits of our most successful agency partners and offers tips on how to submit business to Indium.
  • What’s your score?

    As business owners, we know there are countless metrics and measures that we can look at to get a feel for how our business is performing. For most of us, our tendency is to fixate on our financial results (of course, why wouldn't we?). While financial results are certainly critical to knowing the health of our business, financials are also largely backward looking. At Indium we focus on a different metric to understand how we are doing and if we can expect growth: our Net Promoter Score.
  • Got Appulate?

    Appulate is an industry leading new business submission platform that will make it easier for you, Indium and our company partners to do business together. Appulate reduces keystrokes, validates each submission for completeness and speeds up turn-around time, allowing you and our partner companies to collaborate more efficiently through Indium.
  • Why “Indium”

    In our quest to identify a new and relevant name, we discovered that Indium is the 49th element on the periodic chart. And as we learned more about this element, its qualities, characteristics and how it interacts with other metals, we learned that “Indium” is very reflective of our company’s mission, purpose and what differentiates us in the marketplace.
  • Why “market access provider”?

    In this month's blog post, Indium CEO Chad Eddy describes what it means to be a "market access provider", and why we are not like the others.
  • Are You Still Using Handwritten Applications?

    In January, we announced through our blog that we’ll be implementing new technology in the spring that will change the way you currently submit new business to Indium.