5 Tips for Working Moms to Stay Productive & Reach Success

Breathe, organize, execute, & make your bed! 

I realized that this is my process for the past 16 years that I have been a working mom. I wake up, I take some deep breathes (some extra ones on Mondays and Thursday, which are the busiest in my house), plan my day both for my kids' schedules and my work schedule, and then I get to it!   

1. Always make your bed. 

always make my bed. If my entire plan for the day goes badand sometimes life does get in the way, I at least accomplished one thing — I MADE THE BED!   

2. Stay organized.  

If you aren’t organized, get help! When you are trying to be a career-focused super mom, organizing your life will make it 5x more possible. Use a family calendar that works for you. Put everything on it  work and family  so you can see the big picture. Don’t forget to schedule time to complete your tasks. I like Google Calendar. 

3. Prioritize and learn to say NO.  

It’s okay to say NO to the PTA Bake sale because it falls on the night before a giant work presentation. It's okay to say NO to the soccer carpool on Monday because you have to drive another child to their dance recital. It's okay to say NO to anything that takes away from you and your family's daily and long-term goals.

4. Take care of YOU. 

Schedule time in your schedule for yoga, Pilates, a walk in the park, or a call with your best friend. Something each day that brings you peace and lets you re-energize just for a bit.  
It took me until I was 41 to realize the importance of me time and self carenot only for myself, but also for my whole family. After all, you can’t show up 100% for your family or your career if you aren’t giving yourself 100% first. 

5. Talk to other working moms.  

If you are new to the crazy life of working moms, find a mentor. Alternatively, if you are a successful experienced working mom, consider being a mentor to a younger mom who needs you.  
Even if it is not a formal mentorship, reach out to and make friends with other working moms. Listen and support each other. It truly takes a village, so don’t be afraid to get advice and ask for help. 


Whether you’re a new or experienced working mom, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are rocking it! Now go organize, execute, and make your bed! 😊 


Kim Wyrick, Training Solutions Leader at Indium, is a successful working mom of 16 years. In addition to being an insurance industry maven, Kim is the heart, soul, calendar keeper, and taxi of her household.