Indium is excited to announce our partnership with AskNicely, the world’s most trusted and respected Net Promoter Score (NPS) software!

Why NPS and why AskNicely?

Customer retention is one of the most important factors for a growing independent insurance agency. One key way agents are retaining customers is by using Net Promoter Score (NPS) to learn what their customers expect from their agency. NPS is known as the quickest and most effective metric to gauge loyalty. That’s why…


We know that sales are made up of both new business and business coming from existing clients. We also know that focusing on existing clients can lead to cross sells, upsells and even new business from referrals.


We need to listen to what our customers are saying about us and what they are feeling about us. Then, we need to improve on those items that can improve their trust in us. It boils down to this – happy customers lead to more referrals which leads to an increase in business, sales and overall growth.


Simple. You ask the right question to solicit the right feedback. You keep it brief and basic by asking “How likely are you to refer our business to a friend or colleague?” The response rate on this one survey question is 38% – already 4-6 times higher than the average survey response.


Indium has partnered with AskNicely to bring you the software you need to track your own agency NPS. AskNicely allows you to:

Collect Feedback

Fully configurable surveys can be sent to customers at any time, while their experience with your agency is still fresh in their mind. You can even connect with your CRM software and set it to automatically survey customers after specific events; Fatigue Protection prevents the system from over-surveying your clients. Indium has partnered with AskNicely to bring you the software you need to track your own agency NPS. AskNicely allows you to:

Engage the Business

Access weekly reports, rank your best segments to see which business areas are creating promoters and which are creating detractors and track your NPS over time to see the impact of specific marketing and other activities on customer intent!

Close The Loop

Respond to customer feedback directly, publish positive comments to your website, and request reviews on Google Reviews and more from your promoters and see which social networks your customers use and their follower counts!

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