We’re happy to introduce our agency partners to our exciting new submission technology, Appulate!

What is Appulate?

Appulate is an industry leading new business submission platform that will make it easier for you, Indium and our company partners to do business together. Appulate

  • Reduces keystrokes
  • Validates submissions for completeness
  • Speeds up turn-around time
  • Allows us to collaborate more efficiently

Visit our Appulate portal to submit your new commercial lines business today!

Appulate Testimonials – Agency Partners

*Zack Jacob (Thompson-Boerger Insurance) said the favorite thing he learned in our Appulate training webinar was that Appulate gives him the ability to upload submission information one time and re-use that information in the future without having to go back and enter it again.

*Melissa Groot (Legacy Insurance Group) said our Appulate training webinar provided a great visual demonstration. After the webinar, Melissa taught her boss how to use Appulate and the agency is excited to start implementing the technology!

*Sue Woodmansee (Ridgway & Associates Insurance) told us that she loves how easy it is to use Appulate; once she downloaded the print driver to her computer, she was ready to start submitting new business!

*Donna Howell (Valparaiso First Insurance) was happy to learn that she’ll no longer have to re-enter information on a policy; Appulate saves that information for her! She also enjoyed learning about the ability to share files and review prior submissions without having to send emails and wait for replies.

*Ruth Wood (Dolbow Insurance Agency) told us that Appulate is much easier to use than filling out ACORD forms, saving them to her computer and forwarding to the Indium team. It eliminates three steps that way. She also said that one of the nicest parts about the software is that it gives you a prompt of the information needed before you submit an application, allowing you to go directly to that specific part of the application and input the necessary information before submitting for processing.

Download the Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started with Appulate

  • While logged in to your Appulate portal, click on the question mark at the top right-hand side of the page to access additional training and reference materials.
  • Visit Appulate’s YouTube channel to view the Appulate Webinar for Retail Agents before getting started.
  • Contact our Appulate Team at Appulate@goindium.com to learn more!
  • For technical support, please contact support@appulate.com

What if we already have an Appulate account with other markets selected (Ohio Mutual, for example)?

I have several completed ACORD forms to submit. Should I Uplink each form individually or all together?

  • Submitting multiple forms as one document is more efficient, and doing so will create one submission containing all selected quotes according to the forms included. If your agency management system does not allow you to export ACORDs all at once, try saving the
    individual forms to your local PC from your management system, then use the “combine into one PDF” option in your PDF application to create one file you can then Uplink. If your PDF application will not allow the combine function, you can Uplink documents one by one. Each time you Uplink a form, Appulate will attach the new forms to the existing insured. Just be sure that the insured name is present and matching across all forms.

What do I do if our agency management system is not listed on the Appulate Uplink download page?

  • Appulate Uplink works with any management system, even those not listed on the Download Uplink page. Simply select “[other]” (the very last entry in the list) and enter the name of your AMS in the pop-up window that appears. Then you can proceed with the download and installation.

I created a new quote before realizing I made a mistake in the Insured Name. I went to the Insured tab and corrected it, but the name did not update within the Q&A section. Why not?

  • If changes or corrections are needed for the Insured information, these changes must be made within the Policy > Insured section of the Q&A in order for them to be saved to the quote:

Policy Insured

While working on a submission, I pulled the forms off of the Forms tab and noticed that on some of the forms the Insured Name was listed as “See Attachment 1.” What does this mean?

  • Depending upon the layout of the ACORD forms, some of the Insured Name fields allow fewer characters than others. If the insured name does not fit in that field on any form, Appulate will generate a ‘footnote’ with the insured’s name on it and attach it as the last page of the forms, referenced by the “see attachment 1.”

Our agency management system generates ACORD forms in a format other than .PDF (.XST, .XSL). How can I get these forms to Uplink to Appulate correctly?

  • Some management systems require an adjustment to the Uplink settings, as shown below:


Appulate Uplink Settings window

When we use Appulate to submit business, how does Indium communicate back to us?

While Indium will continue to have open lines of communication with its agents via phone and email, agents using Appulate can also check for status updates by going into their submissions and looking at the Activity page. This page is accessed from the Activity tab on the left-hand side of the screen while in an account.