Indium ACORD Forms

Indium is accepting new Commercial Business Submissions through digital ACORD forms.

To submit new commercial business, fill out your ACORD form digitally and email it to We will not accept hand-written or scanned ACORD forms.



  Acord Forms (click link to open and print to your pdf filler)

 Example ACORD Forms with required fields:  


New Business Service Levels - Commercial Lines - Large Accounts

Indium will process most middle market accounts within 30 days. Large complex accounts that require loss/risk control could take a minimum of 30 days.  It may take a week for the UW to enter the application information into their system and 2-4 more weeks before risk control can meet with the applicant.  It is really only an issue if risk control is involved.  Unfortunately, we do not know the criteria that determines when an account must be risk controlled as it varies by carrier. 

New Business Service Levels - Commercial Lines

 Small Business (BOPs)


If the carrier cannot provide a quote or declination online, we will notify you of the status, i.e. referred to the underwriter or that we need additional information from you. These submissions will fall under the “Large and Middle Markets” SLA’s.