Giving Indie Agents™ an Edge to Stay Independent

Indium is changing the game for independent insurance agents by getting you access to the industry’s most respected regional and national carriers so you can grow your business – all while remaining independent. We open doors to more opportunities so you can open your doors for more business.

The advantages of a partnership with us derive from access to:

  • Market Access: an integrated partnership with your agency and the industry’s top carriers.
  • State-of-the-art Training:  thoughtful and focused training for all elements of an independent agency. From the principal to producer to CSR, we provide the training and development for the skills and behaviors needed to produce meaningful agency outcomes.
  • Technology: our partnerships with industry leading providers allow our agency partners to access, adopt and utilize tools that make them more relevant to customer and the carriers they represent.
  • Perpetuation: our partnerships with industry-leading resources allows our agency partner to access to human resource management and banking resources that allow agencies to promote the next generation of ownership within their agencies.
  • Trusted Partner: Indium’s DNA is independent agents. We are owned and operated by Indie Agents™ for Indie Agents, which is why everything we do is meant to challenge the established model of insurance, giving our agency partners the edge they need to win, now and in the future.

What makes our agreements the most agent-friendly:

  • Your Business, Not Ours: you maintain 100% ownership of their book of business.
  • Peace of Mind: build your business with us while maintaining the volume commitments of your in-house carriers.
  • No hooks: Enjoy the freedom to go direct or separate from our partnership without the hassles of non-compete clauses or first-right of refusals.


Get An Edge. Stay Indie.™

With the most agent-friendly partnership agreements in the industry and solutions for growth, profitability and perpetuation you should partner with us.