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Our History

We know agents and carriers have options. In fact, they have more options today than ever before to access partners like us to help them grow. And in our ever-changing industry, we know agents need more than just access to markets to survive. They need access to strategy, technology, training, relevant data and other critical resources, not just to survive, but to thrive.

As you’ll learn, we are a company of agents, by agents, for agents. We were founded be independent agents who collaborated, cooperated and strategized together for the benefit of all independent agents. 

With that as our DNA, we exist for the purpose of giving agents the edge they need to stay independent, both now and in the future. We do that by providing access to the most relevant markets, tools, technology, and training. And by weaponizing data, we arm our partners with the most relevant strategic insights, analytics and benchmarks, making Indie AgentsTM and the companies with whom we partner, winners.


Of agents. By agents. For agents.

We were founded in 2005 out of the PIA of Ohio, who assembled a team of thought-leading independent insurance agents to develop an innovative solution for the purpose of helping independent insurance agents stay independent. This team of agents – our founding fathers – volunteered their time to collaborate, cooperate and strategize for each other’s benefit and to strengthen the independent channel.

With financial investment from more than 70 independent agents and the PIAs of OH, IN and KY, MarketSource Agency Network, LLC was established for the purpose of providing independent insurance agents access to the standard markets they needed to grow their insurance agencies without the burden of ever-increasing production requirements of carriers, or giving up control of their business.



In 2016, we changed our company name to Indium (Why Indium) to reflect our renewed vision and the energy of our new “indie agent” brand.

In 2017, we expanded our business model to offer the products and services our agents need to meet the 21st century demands of our industry.

And because we are founded, owned and directed by independent agents, we continue to offer the most agent-friendly partnership agreement options in the industry, with our solutions for growth, profitability, and perpetuation organically developed, tested and approved by agents, for agents.


Get An Edge. Stay Indie.™