Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Indium was founded in 2005 by a group of independent insurance agents working together to establish an every-day solution for an every-day problem – gaining access to national standard markets to help facilitate profitable growth for their agency, without the burden of direct contract requirements or giving up control of their business.

Today, Indium is a market access provider whose mission is to facilitate enhanced revenue and growth opportunities for our agency partners and companies. Indium supports nearly 600 agency partners in seven states who have placed over $60 million in written premium with our carrier and referral partners.

Everything Indium does is meant to challenge the established model of insurance giving Indie AgentsTM an edge now, and in the future. We do that by providing market access like no other provider through the use of unparalleled service and technology, making Indie AgentsTM and the companies we partner with, winners. With solutions for growth, profitability, and perpetuation, you should partner with us.

As our partner agent, your benefits include:


  • Your Business, Not Ours: Maintain ownership of your book with no hassles.
  • Peace of Mind: Stay independent; build your business while balancing your volume commitments.


  • Market Access: Compete with better resources and products
  • Trusted Resource: Gain access to the most reputable, respected carriers in the industry


  • Enhanced revenue: We offer commission rates indie agents can respect
  • No Initiation Fees: There’s no cost to apply.
We have the most agent-friendly partnership agreement in the industry. We were founded by independent agents working together to help independent agents stay independent. With that as our pedigree and our noble purpose, we’ve collaborated with the Ohio Insurance Agents Association (formerly the PIA of Ohio) to ensure that our partnership agreement is considered to be the most agent-friendly in the industry.
Unlike many of the other network groups out there, there are no costs or hooks to separate from Indium.

If as a result of our partnership you qualify for a direct appointment with any of our carriers, you’re welcome to move that business at the start of the following year. All opportunities to go direct with one of our company partners are solely decided at the discretion of the carrier.

If you decide that your relationship with Indium is no longer beneficial to your agency, you may move your business at any time without penalty or fee.

If we decide that our relationship with your agency is no longer beneficial to Indium, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship with no penalty. See also; “requirements to join”.

There is an application process to join our network. There is no fee to apply.
To apply, click here to submit your application.

Our Approval Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month to review applications. We require all applications to be submitted by the last Wednesday of every month.

As our mission is to help our agency partners and companies grow profitably, we look for agencies who:

  • Believe in the independent distribution model of insurance, and are looking to preserve independence for themselves and their agency.
  • Represent two or more regional or national standard lines carriers
  • Have at least a 3-year history of profitable growth
  • Can demonstrate the need and capacity for leveraging Indium and our partner companies to achieve profitable growth objectives
We do not approve agencies who are currently under contract with captive carriers and who do not have authorization to broker outside of their captive contract.

As our mission is to help our partner agents and companies grow profitably, we do not approve agencies who belong to a competing alliance, i.e., clusters, agency networks and market access providers, where doing business with Indium poses a conflict of interest or degrades our ability to achieve profitable growth.

Indium is proud to partner with many leading national and regional standard market insurance carriers. Our company partners include Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Chubb, CNA and many more. While our focus is on standard commercial and personal lines markets, we also have a network of endorsed referral partners to help you with Excess and Surplus, Life products and lending.
As you can see, our core company partners are standard markets. However, we offer solutions outside of standard market appetites by working with our referral partners:

  • RT Specialty for excess and surpluss
  • J.L. Thomas for Life and financial products
  • Live Oak Bank for lending solutions
  • Imperial Premium Finance for premium financing
Commissions earned vary by carrier and product. Our value to our agency partners is in providing commission levels that independent agents can respect.
Please contact our team for more information.
Our agency partners have the opportunity to work with some of our carrier partners through a sub-code, which is contingent on an application to do business with that carrier. Obtaining a sub-code is at the discretion of our carriers, and entails a separate application and approval process that we help facilitate.
Our agency partners who have a sub-code relationship with our carriers have the ability to work directly with that carrier. All other interactions between our agency partners and carriers are facilitated through our team of Account Managers and Production Support Specialists at Indium.
As a member of Indium, our agency partners have access to our partners at Live Oak Bank—a leading small business lender whose insurance industry division focuses on cashflow lending for agents who are looking to grow, perpetuate, or expand. They offer 10-year loans from $75,000 up to $5,000,000 at attractive rates.
Absolutely not. As an agency partner with Indium, you keep your existing direct appointments, and you maintain full ownership of your book of business. As you grow with us and achieve the qualifications for a direct appointment with any of our carriers, you’re free to go with no hassles. Isn’t that what being independent is all about, anyway?
Indium is licensed in all states and currently supports nearly 600 agency partners across several states. Our agents are predominantly located in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.