Get an Edge. Stay Indie.

After 10 years of supporting independent insurance agents (a.k.a. Indie AgentsTM), we decided it was time to evaluate who we are, what we do and how we can add the greatest value to our agency and company partners moving forward. We interviewed current Indium insurance agents, researched the industry and looked at our entire organization with one goal in mind: challenge the industry “norms” in order to give our agency and company partners a competitive advantage, both now and in the future!

What We Believe

Everything Indium does is meant to challenge the established model of insurance giving Indie AgentsTM an edge now, and in the future. We do that by providing market access like no other provider through the use of unparalleled service and technology, making Indie AgentsTM and the companies we partner with, winners. With the most agent-friendly agreement in the market, and solutions for growth, profitability, and perpetuation, you should partner with us.

Our Brand Promise

The Indium brand is the sum of everything we do: It represents who we are. It conveys our mission to those we serve. Our brand promise is simply this:

To provide Indie AgentsTM an edge to stay independent.

How do we do that? By providing our independent insurance agents with these very important benefits:


  • Your Business, Not Ours: Maintain ownership of your book with no hassles.
  • Peace of Mind: Stay independent; build your business while balancing your volume commitments.

Growth Opportunities

  • Market Access: Compete with better resources and products.
  • Trusted Resource: Gain access to the most reputable, respected carriers in the industry.

Profitable Growth

  • Enhanced Revenue: We offer commission rates indie agents can respect.

Our Values

Our core and performance values are the cornerstones that shape our culture, our vision and ultimately our brand. With our trusting and genuine relationships at the forefront of what we do, our daily behaviors are grounded in our values:

  • Core Values: Trust, Respect, Honesty & Integrity
  • Performance Values: Teamwork, Accountability, Leadership, Transparency, Learning and Entrepreneurship

The Indium logo is simply the physical manifestation of our brand. Its shape and color pallet symbolize who we are, what we do and what we believe in. The graphic below is the “anatomy” of our logo, and depicts the characteristics of our brand:

Indium Logo explanation